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Zaytun Welfare Trust (Established in 2009 by Mohammad Abdul Mazid) is an independent charity registered with the Charity Commission in the UK, registered charity Number 1127907. Zaytun Welfare Trust helps people through different ways by providing relief and medical assistance to the poor, needy and sick. It helps in eradicating the root causes of poverty through measures which provide assistance for shelter and house repair.

It also runs a sponsorship scheme for orphans and poor children, which helps to arrange marriages of orphan and very poor young adults who’s parent are not able to fund themselves. Zaytun Welfare Trust has established work in education, healthcare, orphan and widow support and disaster relief through the great struggle of volunteers and your generous donations.

Zaytun Welfare Trust aims to cater for the religious, moral and physical needs of people through appropriate support. Today we work in countries across Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and those countries that are struck with natural disasters that are in need of emergency help, alleviating the suffering of vulnerable people and communities.

Due to the generosity and commitment of our ever-expanding donor base, we have successfully aided thousands of people no matter their race, creed or political affiliation, providing clean water, food, shelter, education and training while also sponsoring orphans and widows.

Zaytun Welfare Trust is administrated by Board of Trustees and is run by a group of volunteers.