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We hope & pray that you are in the best state of health. Please Keep in mind, as in the past, to help Zaytun Welfare Trust with your Sadaqa, Zakat, lillah & fitra in this holy month of Ramadan. Zaytun welfare trust which focuses mostly on Sustainability Projects and Income Generation with a 100% Donations Policy. This year we have various donation packages allowing your donations to last as a means of Sadaqa Jariya whilst empowering the poor.

  • £30 FAMILY FOOD PARCEL, Show Kindness to the poor fasting £30 can provide Iftar & Suhoor to a Muslim family for the whole month.
  • £10 EID GIFT PACK, Please Donate so children won’t go hungry on the days of Eid.
  • £25 SPONSOR A CHILD, like all children, orphan too dream of happiness and success, Orphan sponsorship costs £25 a month or £300 for one Year.
  • £5 SADAQATUL FITR per person.
  • £15 Six Chickens, This domestic animal are one of the finest gift you could give as they are low maintenance and each can lay over 200 eggs a year providing families with protein in their diets. Surplus eggs can be sold to pay schooling, clothes and medicine.
  • £200 WIDOWS SUPPORT, give a cow with calf to poor ladies who don’t have breadwinners. When you provide a family with a cow you provide a source of continuous wealth and benefit not only with regular milk for the family, but excess to sell also.
  • £25 SPONSOR A CHILD, like all children, orphan too dream of happiness and success, Orphan sponsorship costs £25 a month or £300 for one Year.
  • £180 FRESH WATER PUMP, of all things in life, safe water is one of the most basic privileges we could ask for by digging a well you can quench the thirst of entire community, as a means of Sadaqa Jariya.
  • £1,000 BUILD A HOUSE, build a solid house out of bricks and concrete, these are low maintenance and long lasting. a home is a necessary requirement for any family. You are able to bring security and comport to homeless families who would otherwise be left destitute.
  • £40 Per month SPONSOR A TEACHER, you can provide a Qur’an teacher whose role will be to teach approximately 30 children to learn and memorise the holy Qur’an.

Your donation for the relief to the needy, sick and poor is much appreciated, and I assure you, it will contribute towards alleviating the pain and sufferings of these people Inn Shaa Allah.

Your assistance and sympathies with Zaytun Welfare Trust are highly appreciated. We hope you will continue to support us through Zakat, Lillah Sadaqah, Fithrana and other donations.

We pray to Allah, the Almighty to give you best reward for your generosity in this world and in the world hereafter.

Jazāk Allāhu Khayran,

A small donation can make a real difference.