Zaytun Welfare Trust can relive you, your business, organisation, institution or mosque of this burden. Its aim is to raise awareness of bank interest, and collect it’s to support social welfare projects.

Some Muslim scholars had previously advised Muslims not accept interest from the banks, as it is haram. But many prominent scholars now consider in more sinful to leave interest money with the banks, because this money is often used for un-Islamic activities.

Their fatwah instruct Muslims to give the interest from their bank accounts to a Muslim charitable cause, rather than telling the bank not to give them interest.

As there are no blessings in interest, people should not expect rewards for donations of interest money rather it must be seen as a way of avoiding a major sin.


To transfer money directly into the Zaytun Welfare Trust account uses the account details given below:

For UK Donors:

Bank Name:                 HSBC Bank

Account Name:               Zaytun Welfare Trust

Sort Code:                     40-03-33

Account Number:            513 710 29

For International Donors:

IBAN:                              GB 03 MIDL 40 03 33 513 710 29

BIC Code:                       MIDLGB2141B