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Kindly donate this noble project and help them to carry on with their studies.

For many years Zaytun Welfare Trust has been supporting and taking care of orphaned children. Many face difiiCult environments and are amongst the most vulnerable in society. Zaytun Welfare Trust not only sustain their every day requirements, but also help in their education and marriage arrangements. This year Zaytun Welfare Trust aims to support as many orphans as possible. It costs just £30 a month to help one orphaned child, or £100 a month to support 5 orphaned childen. Please join our noble endeavours, become a custodian and help create a better future for our children, whom fdte has deprived of the guardianship of parents. Your £240 a year donation would cover the good upbringing and education of one orphan lnsha’AlIah. May Allah (swt) accept it from you.