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Water Pumps

Water borne disease like diarrhea and cholera are responsible for millions of deaths a year worldwide (mostly in developing countries). Zaytun has reduced this cause by Installing tube wells and helped to reduce...

Free Eye Operations

The main cause of blindness in Bangladesh is cataracts, responsible for 60% of cases. It can strike both young and old. Even though cataracts can be easily cured by a simple operation, most of the Bangladeshi...

Helping the Mosque

One of the best Sadaqa Jariya in one’s life is to participate in the building of a Masjid. Sadaqa Jariya for your self, on behalf of your beloved parents or other family members. Zaytun has helped many local community.


Education will not only uplift the standard of the community but will also help to alleviate poverty in the long-run. For millions of children in Bangladesh the chance to go to school would be a dream come true.

Marriage Support

Many families are unable to arrange marriages for their daughters due to financial struggle and absence of a wage earner in the family has made the lives of hundreds of families extremely difficult. Zaytun has tried...

Worried About Interest In Bank Account?

Zaytun Welfare Trust can relive you, your business, organisation, institution or mosque of this burden. Its aim is to raise awareness of bank interest, and collect it’s to support social welfare projects.